The Ice Bar, London: A Pretty Cool Place (Sorry.)

Last summer in London I was taken to the Ice Bar as a birthday surprise. 1002904_10201219012131039_281135060_n

I didn’t cop what was going on until we were actually inside the ice bar itself, slow day I was having. Before we actually got inside though, I was having quite a nice time. The bar just inside the door—a waiting room of sorts, is actually great, and we had some lovely cocktails there and a good chat with the bartender. I had some sort of Berry Crumble drink and it was delicious. Our cocktail outings (you’ll come to see) each have a winner drink, and again my choice was golden.

We had our tickets checked outside the door of the building itself, but I’m pretty sure you could ask to just go to the waiting bar without being charged.

We were then called to queue and seeing leaflets and logos around, plus the fact that people were beginning to put on giant fluffy ponchos, I started to get the idea.

We entered the ice bar and somehow I expected it to be more bearable because it’s a public place, but nope, it’s cold. Very cold. The session is only 40 minutes because of this cold. 1098156_10201219009370970_965758847_nYou get a poncho and a set of gloves, and I was seriously regretting my decision to wear nude fishnets and a miniskirt.

Anyway, the bar goes through various themes and at the time I was there, it was a space/galaxy theme. 13596_10201219012291043_1704661942_n Ergo all the cocktails were space themed, and naturally, served in glasses made of ice. Far too much fun was had playing air hockey with the glasses along the bar. I don’t remember the individual cocktails as the menu was a big heavy thing, too bulky to nick, but I think they were decent and average prices. You get one free with entry, or can add a small amount for a premium cocktail, and after that you pay. It’s not really a place you’d be going for heavy drinking anyway. 1016600_10201219007410921_229855506_n

It was good fun, however the gimmick wears off about as quickly as your blood goes cold. It becomes difficult to hold a conversation, even though it’s quite refreshing to feel that cold for a little while. There are a few seats around (blocks of ice) but my butt was cold enough just standing, so no thank you.

The most interesting part was talking to the bartender about what it’s like to work there. I think she said they do 90 minute shifts in and outside the ice bar, to give them a break, but she didn’t seem too bothered by the cold. “Eh,” she shrugged. “I’m Latvian.”

It was a welcome change to return to the London sunshine.

It’s £13-16 per person depending on when you go and when you book, which can be done HEREOverall it’s an interesting experience and fun enough, but a little disappointing and I wouldn’t say it’s a must-do. But if you’re curious, by all means go.


(Hard to get a good image without flash but the best I have.)

Thanks for reading ❤


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