The Absinthe Drip: Tasty Poison

Absinthe: Art Collection

So you’re probably here because you thought it would be funny to buy a bottle of absinthe from an airport duty free someplace where it’s not illegal and now that you’ve tasted some, you have absolutely no idea how to get rid of the rest, because it’s kind of disgusting.

I started doing this a few years ago in Paris, and have since replaced my stocks every holiday I get, having found the answer. The main problem with absinthe, and the reason for its infamous potency, is not just the 68-80% alcohol content, but the fact that most people don’t know how to prepare an absinthe drink. So if you have some green fairy lying around, try this, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

Absinthe is notorious for its strength and overpowering flavour. It’s pointless to add this spirit to any mixer or cocktail as it’s impossible to taste anything but the herby, anise flavour of the green stuff. The answer is to not mix with anything flavoured and let the absinthe show off its own taste.

This is how to prepare an Absinthe Drip, the way it’s supposed to be drunk, as taught to me by the lovely people at La Fée Absinthe Parisienne.

  1. Pour out a shot of absinthe into a glass. (If you have the absinthe goblets that’s great but anything will do.)
  2. Melt a few cubes of ice in a jug
  3. Place a slotted spoon (or for us plebs, a fork) on the top of the glass balanced on the edge.
  4. On the fork, place two or three sugar cubes.
  5. Now take the ice water in the jug and very slowly pour directly onto the sugar cubes until they dissolve.
  6. Optional is to add a little splash of lemon juice.

And that’s it! You’d be amazed how drinkable and tasty this drink is after preparing it like this. The less you like the flavour of absinthe, the more sugar and water you can add. (By the way, the contraption behind me in the main photo on SipProKate is especially for Absinthe Drips. The little taps can be turned on over the sugar cubes to slowly melt them.)

Of the absinthe I’ve bought, I’ve found the French- Grand Absente (HERE) to be the most drinkable and the Spanish- Mari Mayans Absinthe Art Collection (HERE)  to be the least, weirdly, given there’s only a percent or two between these.

Thank you for reading ❤


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