If you buy one cocktail book…Tipsy Bartender I’m Having A Girl Over


Tipsy Bartender is one of the reasons I’m quite as into cocktail making as I am. I came across Skyy John’s YouTube channel a good while ago, and it’s by far my favourite place to go for drinkspiration. His concept is simple: he comes up with great tasting, sweet and decadent cocktails, with a smattering of hardcore extremes like the 11th Hour or the Kim Jong-Un Nuclear Bomb shot. And most importantly, he makes these drinks with the help of one of his smoking hot girls, a beautiful assistant if you like.

This is Skyy John’s first cocktail book. It’s called “I’m having a girl over,” so it’s marketed towards guys wanting to impress a girl, but the drinks are all girly and sweet and without a strong alcoholic taste. It’s a short book of 60ish pages and about 150 recipes, but it’s about the right amount– I’m someone who has a number of “cocktail bibles” and I find that I rarely dip into them for a drink recipe, just because of the vast amount of choice. It’s like Netflix, you spend so long searching you end up with nothing.

Every single drink in this book sounds delicious, with ingredients you can mostly buy at the local supermarket. The layout is simple, the recipes short and to the point with a photo of each alongside, no extra fuss. They’re separated into useful categories, martinis, margaritas, ice-cream cocktails, shots etc, so it’s easy to find something you’ll love. I also love that most of the names are just a description of the ingredients, rather than something lyrical and obscure. A Raspberry Martini is just that, so it’s easy to open a page and know what you want. 


This is a recommendation, not a review, so I’m not going to look at the couple of little things that I would change. Overall it’s a great book and if you have nothing else, you’d be sorted with this. If you’re unconvinced by a short blog post, check out the Tipsy Bartender YouTube channel and decide for yourself.

You can buy the book on Amazon UK HERE.

Here’s the Cake Batter Martini Recipe, which is the first in the book, and a pretty good example of the indulgence of the some of the cocktails.

Thanks for reading ❤



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