The Cure: 10 Ways to Ease A Hangover

I’ve been asked a couple of times to write something about that elusive goal: the hangover cure. A hangover is your body being completely dehydrated, so think about that when you’re preparing the night before or medicating the next horrible day. There is no cure, but here’s how you can soften the blow and speed your recovery.

Expecting people to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink is probably not realistic, so just before bed on a night out, drink a pint of water. With that, it helps to eat something salty (chips, crisps) and if you’re having a skittish sleep (as is usual with alcohol), and wake a couple of times in the morning, take a couple of panadol before going back to sleep. The salt will help you to retain the water you’re drinking, and the panadol in the morning will help with any headache before you’re conscious enough to feel it.

I’m young enough to not know a true hangover, so I’m told, but I can tell you that this habit has definitely changed how I feel in the morning after a heavier than usual night out.

By far the best cure, if all else fails, go back to bed. For some of us, that’s not always a luxury we can afford, with work, other responsibilities, needing to show face with friends who think we’re dead or just making our way home after crashing on someone’s couch, so here are some of the best tips I can give if you have to get moving.

Alcohol is a diuretic (breaking the seal is a real thing) so you’ll have to replenish the water and electrolytes that you’ll have lost over the course of the evening and your nights sleep. Obviously keeping H2O going in is basic science, but it might help to drink a Lucozade Sport, Coconut Water or Gatorade to get those electrolytes back and help your body fix itself.

A jumbo breakfast roll is often the best thing in the morning, no matter how vile the thought seems. The salt levels in all the fried food is probably a big help, and there’s nothing better than some greasy petrol station sandwiches when you’re in bits. Even just some bacon on toast and a cuppa tea has done wonders for me.

Note: if you took the Panadol earlier, or at any stage, be very careful what else you use. Lots of things, even Lemsip and Calpol, have paracetemol in them and you don’t want to overdose yourself.
However if you didn’t take anything, the best thing to reach for is Alka Seltzer. I don’t use this myself but I’ve heard enough reports to give it a recommendation.

It may seem like the toughest job in the world, but you KNOW how much better you’ll feel when you’re clean. Nothing worse than the smell of last nights Jägerbombs or the smoking area in Coppers to give you the fear. Sweat it out under the hottest you can handle, or chill out and wake up under the cold tap.

Thoughts on Caffiene:
I can’t say I’ve never used a Starbucks or 10 to get me through the day but it’s definitely a very very short term solution–caffiene, also a diuretic, will just reverse your efforts to hydrate and so prolong the hangover. If you have somewhere to be or something to do that requires brain power, it might be the only way, but use with caution.

Bloody Mary.
Working in a London bar taught me anything, it’s that hungover English people LOVE their Bloody Marys.  It’s not the vodka, though some may say this helps, but the tomato juice that really replenishes your nutrients, and the lemon will ease your stomach pain. Laze over one far too early at a bar for best effects.
Shot of vodka (or keep it Virgin)
Tomato Juice
Salt, Pepper, Tabasco, Worcester Sauce and Lemon Juice (All to taste)
A stick of celery to garnish

Hair of the Dog:
Not just a saying, but an actual cocktail. It’s mostly gin.
3 measures Gin
lemon juice, tabasco and chili pepper (to taste)

It’s the night after a hilarious party, a terrible nightclub, or crazy dancing, so if you and your friends are all together, tell stories, punctuated by complaints about how utterly shit you feel, and if you dare, get out the cameras and sent messages and check the damage.

You’re literally never ever going to drink again.

Thanks for Reading ❤


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