American Adventures: Pumpkin Face Rum

While in the US for the summer, I managed to wind up at a party hosted by the makers of Pumpkin Face Rum in LA, and somehow walked away with a bottle of their Dominican Reserve. They gave me the choice of their white, 23 year old and reserve labels, but having heard all of the best things about the reserve during the party, I went for that one. DSCF4753 I was going to bring it back to Ireland and save it for a good occasion but the temptation was too much and so I found myself enjoying it on a beautiful afternoon in Isla Vista. The rum is super smooth and rich, tasting like all of its $40 price tag. DSCF4756 The bottle design, according to Mark, the owner,  came from an idea he had at a Halloween party, and was specifically created to be the kind of shape that markets itself without effort.  This is not a cheap rum, but if you’re in the states and looking for something seriously good to drink, it’s so worth it. Thanks for reading ❤  Find out more about Pumpkin Face HERE


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