Budget Jungle Juice: Lidl Style

For my at-home 21st birthday party I wanted to have some interesting cocktails but I didn’t want to be making individual drinks all night while trying to mingle at the same time so I decided to make a big batch of jungle juice. The recipes I found online all required 10+ bottles of spirits and liquors, from vodka down to triple sec and coconut rum, which I really couldn’t afford to do.

So, I came up with a punch of my own, using only products from Lidl or Aldi. It’s about a quarter alcohol so not as potent as some of the recipes you’ll find online but I can tell you it’s bloody strong enough. I used a thirty litre storage box.


It’s got:

Vodka (700mls) x 4
White Rum (700mls) x1
Ginger Ale (1 litre) x3
Lemonade (2 litres) x1
Orange Juice (1 Litre) x5
Tropical Juice (pineapple & passionfruit was DELISH) (1 litre) x3
A buttload (approx.) of grapefruit slices
A buttload (approx.) of lime slices
A buttload (apporx.) of lemon slices
A bag of ice
Massive squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

Overall approx. cost (alcohol €60 + everything else €15) = €75 euro (because maths)

Cut up the fruit first and throw in the ice
Add the alcohol
Add the juices


Best thing to do is choose a time to make it and use your guests as extra hands– takes five minutes to make and mine was gone within about an hour.

This was fruity, sparkly and strong, and WAY too easy to drink (no names but many a hangover).

Throw a ladle and a stack of plastic cups beside the box and you’re done.

Thanks for reading ❤



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