use 1The Cosmo is the ultimate girly cocktail, the argument could be made that the Cosmo– and particularly its place in the hands of the girls of Sex and The City, brought cocktails to the forefront of the modern world. Tasty, sweet, pretty and girly, its madly popular in the West.

I have to admit I’m not its biggest fan– probably just because I know there are better, more original drinks out there. But I wouldn’t refuse a good Cosmo. Personally, the trick is to make it more sour and citrus than usual. The original recipe calls for Lemon Vodka, but I think ordinary vodka and a good splash of real lemon juice gets closer to the ideal for me. You could also just omit the lemon if you want.

use 42oz Vodka (with lemon)
.5oz Cointreau/Triple Sec
1oz Cranberry Juice
Good squeeze of Lime Juice

use 3

use 6

use 7

use 9

Shake it together over ice and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with an orange twist (peeling over the glass to get the most out of the zest).


Thanks for reading ❤



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