Ronnie Scott’s Toffee Crumble Martini

use 13

I may be jumping the gun here, given my ripe old age of twenty-one, but I’m willing to bet that this is the greatest cocktail I have tasted, or will ever taste.

Ronnie Scott’s, the infamous Soho jazz club, has been around for many years and there’s nothing new in my singing its praises. However, lesser-known is that Ronnie Scott’s houses a second bar, upstairs above the jazz club. The night I was there, we were killing time before the 1am show, and wandered upstairs to find a loud, sizzling salsa band.  The crowd were smugly throwing their salsa moves around; they knew they were harbouring this well-kept secret.

I asked the bartender for his personal favourite on the menu and so arrived the Toffee Crumble Martini. This was cocktail heaven, a taste to make you lay your head on the table, able to die happily. Liquid dessert, sweet but fruity and rich, and like nothing I’ve ever tasted.


Of course, no matter how persistently I begged, the bartender insisted it was a strictly secret recipe. However, I couldn’t go without at least trying, and from watching him closely, and from the description on the drinks menu, I’ve come up with the closest possible dupe.

It’s not tricky, but it takes a little time and a few tools. So here is my version of the Toffee Crumble Martini.

You will need:

use 1

  • 2oz Thunder Toffee Vodka (I’ve been searching for this for 2 years and only just found it recently, but you can do a homemade version, which you can read how to make HERE)
  • 2oz Amaretto
  • 1 tsp Apricot Jam
  • 1tbsp Plum Puree
  • Pouring cream/cream & milk, and crushed Digestives or Toffypops, to serve

I first made the puree by peeling and chopping a plum and blending with about two shots of water.

use 2


use 3


use 5


use 4

Add the amaretto, toffee vodka, puree and a teaspoon of apricot jam. Yes, weird. Stay with me.

use 6 use 7 use 8use 9  Then shake her up vigorously.

Ideally you’d double-strain (your cocktail strainer + a sieve) into a glass. However ain’t nobody got time for that, so just pour it in.

use 11

I’m not a creamy drinks fan but to stay as close to the original as possible I topped with a layer of cream & milk.

use 12

As a garnish, crumble some digestives or better yet, Toffypops over the top. You could even go mad and stick the whole biscuit on the glass. Alternatively again, you could rim the glass with crumbled biscuit before you start.

use 13

Check out Ronnie’s HERE

Thanks for reading ❤


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