#MyFavouriteMeetingPlace: Cassidy’s Westmoreland Street

The folks over at meetingsbooker.com are searching for Dublin’s favourite meeting place and I thought I’d pitch in my two cents!
I wanted to be true to the blog here and say that my favourite place is somewhere with ample quantities of spirits, shakes and stirs– and those are plentiful in the city–but to be totally honest, when I’m looking to meet with friends, it’s always, always Cassidy’s.


What a glorious place is Cassidy’s, with its huge amount of beers on tap, hilarious and trendy bartenders, Star Wars crossover murals covering the walls and genuine atmostphere of the craic. Every inch of this place has been scribbled on, from the walls to the lampshades, and it feels like your Mammy’s sitting room—just a whole lot grungier, crowded and more awesome.

I’ve never brought someone here who wasn’t impressed by something; the great tunes, the amazing art on the walls – The Joker downstairs is a particular treat–, the selection of beer or most importantly: the sense of fun in the place. One shining memory was the bartenders throwing all those nostalgic sweets at a friend of mine because they decided they liked her.

Cassidy’s is the embodiment of what all of these craft beer/hipster pubs/”the-chairs-are-made-of-beer-kegs” kind of places have been trying to replicate on every corner of Dublin. These days those places have veered into hipster territory, but at Cassidy’s, the balance of hip and genuinely cool is perfectly struck.
As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t be closer to the heart of Dublin, as well as my own heart, and it’s by far #MyFavouriteMeetingPlace.


Find the rest of Dublin’s best meeting places at Meetingsbooker.com!

Thanks for reading ❤


All photos from Cassidys 27 Westmoreland Street Facebook Page


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