About SipProKate


I’m a twenty-one year old law student and bartender living in Dublin, putting my obsession with cocktails to some good use. I love a good chocolate cake, a night out with my girlfriends,  writing selfish music and going somewhere new.

I’m here to tell you what I’ve learned from bartending, seasoned drinking habits and being a cheap student.

Stick around for my best recipes, favourite haunts, greatest nights and a little bit of the life I lead.

What I’m looking for– aka am I the blogger for you? 

I love a comfortable bar that prides itself on its drinks. I hate pretentiousness, and if it’s expensive, it has to be good. I want the bartenders to be up for a chat and also to have some recommendations. I love a creative cocktail list that has a bit of everything, and not just the ten bartenders’ classics. On a good menu, I’ll usually gravitate towards things that are rich but not creamy as such, chocolate or maybe mint, or else something sour. I love amaretto, coffee liquor, Godiva, Mozart liquor, Chambord, and tequila is my spirit of choice. I really don’t like Pina Coladas and I don’t like bland fruity drinks like French Martinis or Cosmos, but that’s about it. I’ll try anything. I also really love craft stouts and a good bourbon.


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